3i Tech Ltd has expertise in the following three areas:

  • Information: We have worked with a number of clients on their content and front- and back-end website design needs.
  • Image processing:¬†We design 2D and 3D image processing algorithms and implementing them in C/C++ for your embedded system, Windows based application, or CUDA for GPU based application. We also provide high speed imaging and processing technical consultancy service.
  • Instrumentation: We provide consultancy on measurement, inspection and control automation solutions across several industries, from the system level down to the smallest details. We have worked on projects ranging from medical instruments,¬†pharmaceutical devices, banknote processing to building automation.

Please refer to the project section of our website to see examples of some of the things we’ve worked on in the past.

If you have a project that we can help with or wish to discuss consultancy please get in touch with us on for more details.